We provide our clients with confidential, friendly, professional, and excellent service in the areas of:

Wills and Trusts
Estate planning goes beyond simply filling in blanks on a form. It involves a comprehensive review and deep understanding of your goals, your closest relationships, and your current and future financial situation. We work closely with our clients' accountants, financial advisors, and other professionals to ensure that each piece of your estate plan fits together seamlessly. Your peace of mind is our priority.

Tax Planning
Income tax, estate tax, gift tax, real estate tax, business and occupation tax, state estate tax, payroll tax - taxes are everywhere. We proactively look for opportunities to reduce or eliminate taxes you or your business may be unnecessarily paying.

Business Succession Planning
What would happen to your business, family, partners, and employees, in the event of your death, disability, divorce, or sale of the business? We have vast experience working with business owners to plan for the future occurrence of unexpected life events, as well as representing buyers and sellers of businesses to ensure they are protected.

Probate and Estate Administration
News of the death of a friend or family member is some of the saddest news you can receive. We are here to help. Our compassionate team has the expertise to help you navigate the legal and financial issues that arise in the aftermath of a person's passing. Let us relieve some of the legal and financial burdens weighing on you.

Corporations, Partnerships and LLCs
Should I form a limited liability company or an S corporation? Do I need a buy-sell agreement for my business? Should my buy-sell agreement be structured as a cross-purchase or redemption buyout? How should we value our business in the event of a buyout? Am I protected from my employees leaving to form a competing business? These are just a few of the many questions that arise when starting a business. The decisions you make today can have a significant relational and financial impact on you tomorrow. Let us help you understand your options.

Elder Law and Special Needs Planning
Seniors face unique challenges as they plan for retirement and establish the team of family members, loved ones, and professionals to support them during their later years.  Our Elder Law attorneys are knowledgeable and sensitive to your needs for caring for an aging parent or spouse, preparing for long term care expenses, and protecting your legacy. We can also give you successful approaches for supporting children, grandchildren or other family members with special needs. Our team is available to listen, advise, and address your needs.